More to be posted when needed.


BUDGET DAY – The Neighborhood Council Budget Day is scheduled for Saturday, October 26, 2013. Neighborhood Councils should have two Budget Representatives selected who will attend (open to anyone) Budget Day and vote to select the Budget Advocates. The Budget Representatives will serve all year long as liaisons to their respective Neighborhood Councils.

Neighborhood Councils can fill out the NC Liaison Form (Elections Chairs, Outreach Chairs, Budget Reps, DWP reps, etc) or they can email with their Budget Reps.

Budget Day Flyer

Annual Commission Meeting
– Letter from Department of Neighborhood Empowerment – 9/23/2013

Dear Neighborhood Council Leader,

During the course of each year the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners visits all areas of the City and invites local Neighborhood Councils to share their best practices and experience with us. This is one of the opportunities for dialogue between the Commission and Neighborhood Council stakeholders that we value most. In this way, we stay current on the progress and positive impact your Neighborhood Council has made on your community. We also gain insight and knowledge as to the opportunities you have taken, the challenges you face, the support you need, and the overall direction your Neighborhood Council is heading in as the system evolves, gains influence, and engages diverse stakeholders from across our city.

We are interested in hearing about the tools you use to mobilize and connect with your community and to ensure that your Neighborhood Council speaks for a wide range of interests. We are especially interested in how your Neighborhood Council embraces the goal of engaging community members who have not participated in the past.

We want to understand what improvements need to be made on a policy level and how our Commission can work with the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment to provide the support and guidance that you need.

We invite you to refer to the attached questionnaire as a guide for the topics we are interested in having you share with us. We also welcome the opportunity for you to cover other areas of interest that may not be captured within this questionnaire.

The Commission will be meeting on Tuesday, October 1, at 6:00 p.m., at:
Hollywood Adventist Church – Fellowship Hall 1711 North Van Ness Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90028

Please let me know if a representative of your NC would be willing to speak on behalf of the Board about Best Practices that your Neighborhood Council could share with the Commission.We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your successes, challenges and the suggestions you have for making this system of Neighborhood Councils even stronger.

Free Community Asset Mapping Workshop

Wednesday, September 25th, 10:00am – 2:00p.m.
Held at Advancement Project, Los Angeles, CA

Learn how to inform your strategy with community asset mapping in the upcoming workshop
–Community Assets on a Map: Facilitating a Community-Engaged Mapping Activity–

Healthy City’s Community Research Lab provides this workshop for community-based organizations working on community planning, health, and other projects and campaigns focused on building assets and resources in their community.

In this workshop, you will:

Learn online tools for Creating maps that analyze your community’s issues and conditions

Gain skills for Facilitating a community mapping session to build assets in your community

Share knowledge for Engaging community members in research that strengthens community led action, using examples of local projects

To attend, please register at:

Space is limited!

For more information, contact Janice Miller, Community Research Lab Manager, at or (213) 989-1300.

Healthy City is an information + action resource that unites community voices, rigorous research and innovative technologies to solve the root causes of social inequity. The first of its kind in the country, our team consists of authorities in public policy, research, technology, planning and data analysis. We provide the public sector with actionable information such as data, maps, and service referrals through our easy-to-use online platform. Healthy City also partners directly with organizations to develop targeted strategies that fuel social change.

1910 West Sunset Blvd, Suite 500 – Los Angeles, CA 9002 – (213) 989-1300 –

Congress of Neighborhoods
“save the date” flyer.

Please mark your calendars to save Saturday, September 28 for this year’s Congress of Neighborhoods.

Registration will begin on August 15th.

Feedback requested for Neighborhood Council Plan Review motions

Dear Neighborhood Council Officers and Board Members,

The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (Commission) and the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment invite you and your board to provide input on 9 motions that are currently being considered by the Commission. These motions address policies and regulations that govern the NC system and are contained in the Plan for a Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils (NC Plan).

The process for reviewing the NC Plan began in December 2012 when the Commission established 3 standing regional committees for that purpose. After numerous public meetings, the committees developed 9 motions which address the following topics: 1) NC Subdivision, 2) Grievances and Complaints, 3) Board Selections, 4) Elections, 5) Brown Act and Posting Policies, 6) Appointment Processes, 7) Maintaining Information Networks, 8) Commission Duties, and 9) the Exhaustive Efforts Process.

If you would like to weigh in collectively as a board (and/or as a board committee), please sumbit any resolutions you pass by the deadline of September 1, 2013 to Here are the motions (in word and pdf) for your reference.

If you would like to weigh in individually, you can do so through a survey at

If you would like to view the worksheets and related documents that the NC Plan Review committees used as they deliberated on these issues, visit You can also leave comments at this location.

Thank you in advance for your help. And thank you for all that you do every day to make the Neighborhood Council system work and prosper.

From The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment

City Government 101

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti invites you to an informative workshop designed to help Angelenos get to know our city government and make sure it’s working hard for you.

Friday July 26, 2013
9:00am – 1:00pm

Please use the address below to RSVP.

for Planning and Land Use Workshops, summer of 2013.

The Program

7/11/2013 – Important Dates and Deadlines for Neighborhood Councils

Please find below a listing of important dates and deadlines as well as a few helpful attachments to start the year off right.

The deadline to submit your budget submission is this Friday, July 12, 2013. In addition to your budget you must also include an updated Board roster, complete the Strategic Planning Document (keep it simple and to the point). Please note the checking account program is on hold until further notice. Please continue to use the Purchase Card and the Demand Warrant system.

The Budget Template can be found at the following link:
Budget Template

For the roster, please visit the your respective Neighborhood Council page and compare what the Department has listed. You can access the NC page by clicking on the name of the respective NC at the following link: Neighborhood Council Roster Page. If there are changes, please highlight the changes within the roster and provide a description (i.e. delete board member X).

The Strategic Planning document can be found at the following link: Strategic Plan Document. (It’s in the fourth paragraph). You can also find the Outreach Survey and a Board roster template at the following link. Please make sure all the aforementioned documents are submitted to the Department by July 12, 2013

Ethics and New Funding Training:
All board members must take the Ethics Training and the new Funding Training by September 1, 2013 otherwise they will not be able to vote per new Department policy. All signers and cardholders must take both parts however, board members only have to complete the first twenty minutes. At the end of the video training you will be asked to complete a certificate of completion that will be sent to the Department. All board members who have complied will be listed on the Department’s website. You may use the following links to access the respective pages:Ethics and Funding Training Link (look for the You tube link in the fourth paragraph and then click on the respective version)

Planning and Land Use Training in July and August 2013!
Please see the flyer.

Time for a Check-up: Agenda Wording:
Please take this opportunity to review your agenda and ensure that you have the proper American with Disabilities Act wording as well as descriptive agenda items (see the attached NC Process Reminders).

Please also send a copy of all of your agendas to All NC agendas are being posted to the City’s Calendar and your stakeholders may sign up for them through the Early Notification System Link.

EmpowerLA Awards–
Please nominate your NC or another NC that you know of that is doing wonderful work in their area. Please submit your nominations immediatley! The last day is Friday! You can submit here at the EmpowerLA Nominations Link!

City Hall Parking Passes are Here!
Each board will need to determine which board member receives the parking permit. Once the board has decided, please complete the survey monkey at the following link: Click here for Parking Passes. Once the survey is complete, please bring the board resolution with you to our office in City Hall, 20th Floor to receive your passes. There are only two per each NC.

Empower LA Awards

Dear Neighborhood Council Board Members,

The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (Commission) is accepting nominations for the second annual EmpowerLA awards. The awards are given to Neighborhood Councils that best fulfill their city charter mandate of promoting more citizen participation in government and making government more responsive to local needs.

Nominations can be submitted online at and must be submitted by July 12, 2013. Neighborhood Councils can self-nominate

The Commission will present the Awards at the Congress of Neighborhoods, honoring seven Neighborhood Councils, one for each Commission Region, based on the following criteria:

1) NC’s that have made remarkable achievements in fulfilling their dual mission of:
Promoting more citizen participation in City government; and
Making City government more responsive to local needs.

2) NC’s that embody the highest ideals of inclusiveness, non-discrimination, transparency, and independence, as detailed in the Plan for a Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils.

The Commission will also use its “Neighborhood Councils Rules and Best Practices Guide” as a source of other relevant criteria, and as a tool for measuring and evaluating NC achievements.

There are 95 Neighborhood Councils in the City of Los Angeles, made up of 1,712 Board members who oversee a vast network of volunteers that work together to connect their communities with City Hall.

The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners was established by the City Charter in 1999 as a policy-setting and oversight commission for the Neighborhood Councils and the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment.

For more information on the EmpowerLA awards, the Commission, or the Neighborhood Councils, email or call 213-978-1551.

Visit for information on the 2012 EmpowerLA Awards and the seven Neighborhood Councils that were honored at the 2012 Congress of Neighborhoods and by the City Council.

From the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, 3/20/2013

Dear NC Leaders,

I hope you are well. I’d like to remind you about our Board Development Series this Saturday, March 23, at the Hollywood Constituent Service Center, located at 6501 Fountain Avenue, LA, 90028 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Please come and join us in a session that will undoubtedly leave you asking for more. We kindly ask that you let us know if you will be in attendance as we like to start our sessions with a little coffee and refreshments; it helps us to know the number of attendees when planning for refreshments. Please RSVP at: or call (213) 978-1551. Again, these advocacy sessions are designed to help NCs be effective advocates and lobbyists for your communities on legislative issues. These sessions also focus on providing tools to navigate the City and and to help NCs to develop constructive and positive relationships with your elected officials and City partners. The next session in the Board Development Series will take place in the Harbor Area on 3/30/13 at 135th Street School, the address is 801 West 135th Street, Gardena, CA 90247 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

The Department’s field staff is constantly working to improve our system and provide adequate support to the work NCs are doing, to that end I would like to request that you contact your Neighborhood Empowerment Advocate and let them know of any outstanding issues that you may have, particularly with any contracts and leases that are on your radar. In an effort to track and stay on top of your administrative issues, we ask that you let us know if your lease is coming up for renewal and or if you are currently seeking to obtain a lease or contract. Given our staff capacity, we ask that you provide us with enough time to process your requests for assistance so that we can, in turn, provide you with a response in a timely fashion.

The City of Los Angeles Human Relations Commission invites you to screen “Way of Openness” on March 19, 2013 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The film brings together a small group of faith representatives to tackle differing points of view on same sex marriage. The evening will include a panel discussion with the featured participants in the video.

This is a joint effort that has been growing over the past two years. No doubt this comes at a timely juncture as we all await the decision from the Supreme Court. Our aim is to create a healthy space for all to have an honest and open exchange. Please see the attached invite or visit for more details.

I hope you will join us for a very lively discussion.

Patricia M. Villasenor, Executive Director
Human Relations Commission
Community Development Department
200 North Spring Street, Room 2111
mail stop 379
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Feedback Requested for 2014 Neighborhood Council Election Funding

Dear Neighborhood Council Leaders,

I hope you are well. By now, you’ve no doubt received a few emails regarding CAO proposed changes to the 2014 Neighborhood Council election funding. I’ve received questions regarding the proposals and wanted to send out this bulletin to clarify the potential options.

Last Friday, I sent out emails to the heads of the various coalitions around the City after the Mayor’s Office asked me to assist in getting the Neighborhood Council Board members’ feedback on various CAO proposals for Neighborhood Councils to fund their elections through their yearly allocations. The Budget Team needed feedback as soon as possible because they are preparing the Mayor’s budget, which will be released on April 19, 2013.

Because Proposition A did not pass, the City is working to close a $100 plus million dollar budget gap for the coming fiscal year. To do this, the Mayor’s Budget Team and the CAO are looking at further reductions to the Mayor’s Office, City Council and all City programs, which aside from Neighborhood Council elections, include programs serving all Angelenos from the maintenance and repair of infrastructure to graffiti abatement to housing programs. The Mayor’s Budget Team is open to considering options that could reduce the impact to the General Fund. Rather than cut now and tell afterwards, the Mayor’s Office and the Department are reaching out to explain the shortfall and engage the Neighborhood Councils in the process.

To cover the approximately $692,000 Department budget request to administer the Neighborhood Council elections for the spring of 2014, the following timelines for elections are in play:

1. Spring 2014 – This option is the current election ordinance and allows for collaboration with the City Clerk. It does cut current Board terms 6 months to get back on cycle of holding elections every other year because the 2012 elections were held 6 months later while the City determined who was responsible to administer the elections. The CAO proposes that if Neighborhood Councils paid for this option, it would be almost a 20% reduction to their yearly allocation next year.

2. Fall 2014 – This option would allow for the Board members elected in 2012 to serve their full 2 year terms. Because they have to prepare for municipal elections, the City Clerk could possibly assist in the spring, but not in the fall. If Neighborhood Councils paid for this option, it would spread out the 20% reduction to their yearly allocation over 2 fiscal years because the Department would need to start election preparations next fiscal year to administer elections by the fall. Thus, a 10% reduction in Neighborhood Council funding may result under the CAO proposal.

3. Spring 2015 – This option would require an extension of Board terms of 6 months (4 year terms will need 1 year extension). Because they have to prepare for municipal elections, the City Clerk could not assist with Neighborhood Council elections. This timing of elections coincides with the City Clerk’s administration of municipal elections. There would be no reduction in Neighborhood Council funding to support this option.

Other options for Neighborhood Councils that Board members have suggested to me in the last few days include going to an all selection process, running their own elections without the Department or City Clerk and asking the City to pay for the 2014 elections entirely. I’m also going back through the proposed $692,000 election cost to see where else I can cut.

If you have other suggestions, please let us know at The budget is in process so it’s important to hear your opinion on the matter because it involves Neighborhood Council funding, whether it’s as a single Board member or as a Neighborhood Council if your Board meetings within the upcoming weeks and can put this on your agenda. You can let us know your opinion by emailing, and we will get your message to the Mayor’s Budget Team, and/or you can join the positions started by other Neighborhood Council coalitions or leaders listed below for your reference.

The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners will also be accepting and providing feedback at their March 18, 2013 meeting.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. We look forward to working collaboratively with Neighborhood Councils in resolving these budget issues.

As always, thank you very much for the time and efforts that you invest to Empower LA!

Grayce Liu,
General Manager
Department of Neighborhood Empowerment
Empower Yourself. Empower Your Community. Empower LA

– – –

Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition position

Neighborhood Council Congress LA position

Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates position passed at their March 11, 2013 meeting:

Whereas the City is asking the neighborhood councils to postpone their elections due to budget issues, and

Whereas the city is asking each neighborhood council to pay for their next elections, approx: $7300.00 per council, and

Whereas the city continues to violate Charter section 911 by cutting neighborhood council funds, sweeping annual excess funds, and failing to fund neighborhood councils in a secure account one year in advance,

Therefore, the Neighborhood Council budget advocates move:

That the City issues NO DELAYS in the 2014 neighborhood council elections

That The City fully fund the neighborhood council 2014 elections

That the City impose no further cuts to the neighborhood councils annual budgets

That the city cease and desist from any further sweeping of neighborhood council funds, in violation of charter section 911

That the Budget Advocates file an immediate letter of complaint against the city for its violations of Charter Section 911.

Dear Neighborhood Council Leader, Community Leader and Stakeholder,

You are cordially invited to REGIONAL BUDGET DAY on Saturday, March 16th at 8:30 am – 12:30 pm (see below for location nearest you).

In years past Regional Budget Day was held at City Hall with regional breakout sessions. But this year to encourage more local participation, Regional Budget Day will be held out in our communities, in 4 regional locations simultaneously. At each location there will be senior Mayoral or City Administrative Officer staff to present this year’s Budget Challenge Survey results, as well as give updates on the current budget situation. There is a significant budget deficit and some difficult choices are going to be made this year which will impact the services we all get. Your input is welcomed and needed.

You can rsvp now at or by calling 213-978-1551.

The Mayor’s Office, the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates, and the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment are proud to present Regional Budget Day in the following 4 regional locations:

Boyle Heights Technology Youth Center
1600 E. 4th Street
Boyle Heights 90033

Mark Ridley-Thomas Constituent Service Center
8475 S. Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles 90044

Saturn Elementary School
5360 Saturn Street
Los Angeles 90019

Braude Center
6262 Van Nuys Blvd.
Van Nuys 91401

Hope to see you on March 16th!

Joseph Hari Policy Project Coordinator
Department of Neighborhood Empowerment

 Subject: City of Los Angeles Youth Ambassador Initiative 2013

Good Afternoon ALL:

Happy February to all of you, I am hoping that everyone is off to a productive and busy 2013. As most of you know the month of February is a very important one for the City of Los Angeles Human Relations Commission (CityHRC) we are rolling out our 2013-2014 Youth Ambassador Initiative. I have included a program description, application and a timeline for your reference, please assist us with our outreach efforts by sending this email to your contacts and by spreading the word. We have a unique opportunity to provide innovative civic-engagement programming for our youth populations throughout the City of Los Angeles. The Youth Ambassador Initiative serves as a nexus and ultimately connects our youth to their local government in ways never seen before in our city, the YA program is an 8 month commitment that culminates in a wonderful all inclusive trip/tour of our Nations Capitol, Washington D.C., Its a much needed program and we hope that you have students in mind that can take advantage of this opportunity.

The YA Initiative might also qualify for College Credit for some of your students that are anticipating pursuing undergraduate studies and also serves as an excellent resource for youth looking at building on their High School extra curricular/civic portfolios.

The City HRC will be accepting applications until March 15th, no later than 5pm. Please feel free to distribute the criteria for candidates must be youth in grades 9-11th and City of LA residents in order to be eligible for the program and scholarship opportunity. If you have further questions please direct them via telephone to Sheldon Cruz at 213-308-7609 or by email at


Sheldon Cruz, Policy Analyst
City of Los Angeles, Human Relations Commission
Community Development Department
200 North Spring Street
City Hall, Room 2111
Los Angeles, CA 90012



Proposal to Reduce Yearly NC Funding from $50,000 to $11,200

Also see this article from the Downtown News

Date: May 6, 2009

To: Neighborhood Council Friends and Colleagues From: BongHwan (BH) Kim, General Manager, Department of Neighborhood Empowerment

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

This is to inform you that the Budget and Finance Committee will be recommending to City Council that the NC funding program be reduced to a total of $1M for next year – this roughly breaks down to $11,200 instead of the $50,000 per NC. There was no change to the current rollover policy and no changes to the Mayor’s proposed 20% reduction for the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment. The City is faced with a budget deficit of roughly $500M and the Council recently approved moving ahead with the process of laying off over 400 people. This is the time for Neighborhood Councils to educate and advise your elected officials as to the importance of the NC funding program as they move through their deliberations.

The Budget and Finance Committee will convene on Tuesday, May 12, 2009 to finalize their complete recommendations to send forward to the City Council. The full City Council will then begin holding special meetings to consider the Committee’s budget recommendations on Monday, May 18, 2009. On or before June 1, 2009, the Council must approve or modify the Mayor’s proposed budget and submit it to the Mayor for approval. The Mayor then has 5 days to act on the budget as adopted by Council. Updated Budget and Finance Committee Agendas and City Council Agendas can be found on the City’s home page, City Meetings and Agendas calendar.

If you wish to express your opinions and concerns about the Mayor’s 2009-2010 Proposed Budget, you can appear for public comment at both the Budget and Finance Committee and full City Council, submit Community Impact Statements via the City Clerk (Note: this link is for authorized NC Representatives), or send your letters and emails to your elected Councilmember. You can also follow the deliberations on your home computer via Live Streaming Audio here, or on LA CityView, Channel 35, for live coverage.



Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s Annual Community Budget Day will take place on October 13, 2007 in Los Angeles City Hall. During the event, the Mayor outlines a vision for Los Angeles’ future and how our fiscal year 2008-2009 budget can lay the foundation for Los Angeles to take the lead as a Great Global City of the 21st Century.

After the Mayor’s presentation, Neighborhood Councils and other community stakeholders will meet in regional groups to talk about budget options and how the community can impact budget decisions. Everyone is welcome to attend.

We urge you to take part in the Budget Day event. Community input leading up to the adoption of the budget helps the Mayor and City to determine how budget funds will be allocated. The distribution of funds through the Budget process critically impacts all the people of our City, including the people you serve, and the issues your organization cares about.

You can become an important partner in the budget process now by:
Attending the Budget Day Event
Announcing the Mayor’s Budget Day at meetings and emphasizing the importance of your community’s involvement
Distributing Budget Day information to your e-mail contacts
Placing an announcement of the Budget Day event in your organization’s newsletter and on your website
Ensuring that your local Neighborhood Council represents your community in the budget process

Your participation in the budget process will help ensure that the City’s budget is responsive to the real needs of the people of Los Angeles. To make your participation easier, a budget survey for the entire community will be available on our website after Budget Day. Please join us October 13 at City Hall. And, thank you for continuing to make a difference in the diverse communities of our City.

El Pueblo Historical Monument and El Pueblo Park Association are hosting an event celebrating the 75th anniversary of the unveiling of the Siqueiros Mural, featuring a dynamic, multi-media presentation on the Siqueiros Mural by the renowned speaker Gregorio Luke.
Tuesday,October 9th, 2007
6:00pm to 9:00pm
in Pico House
424 North Main Street, Los Angeles, 90012
at El Pueblo Historical Monument.

Chinatown Service Center’s 36th Annual Fundraising Dinner and Silent Auction will take place on Friday, September 21st, 2007 at 6pm at the Empress Pavilion in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

Memorial for Joel Bloom to be held on SUNDAY July 22nd, 2007, from 3-10pm on Traction Ave. between 3rd Street & Hewitt St.
3:00 Cocktails
4:00 Eulogy/Speeches
5:00 Joel Impersonation Contest
6:00 More Speeches
6:30-10:00 Music Lineup: The Devil Dogs, Tawny Ellis, and Lightning Bill Woodcock

New Ralphs market at 9th and Flower Grand Opening for the Public on Friday, July 20, 2007 11:00 A.M.

The Los Angeles Chinatown Business Council presents
Rocky Delgadillo
Los Angeles City Attorney

For a town hall meeting discussing issues impacting the Chinatown community.

Tuesday, June 12th from 3:00-4:00 PM

Chinatown Library
639 N. Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

City of Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE)
Congress Of Neighborhoods – Saturday, April 21, 2007
Letter and Request for Volunteers

Japanese American National Museum Gala Dinner & Silent Auction, April 14, 2007
Invitation and List of Sponsors

The CCA Transportation & Infrastructure Committee will be meeting on Tuesday, April 10, 2007 from 8:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. Dan Tempelis, Project Manager at Hatch Mott MacDonald, will lead a discussion on the proposed Anaheim – Los Angeles – Palmdale segments of the California High-Speed Rail. RSVP

The Central City Association of L.A. (CCA) 13th Annual Awards Luncheon is taking place at the Bonaventure Hotel on April 5th, 2007.

February 19, 2007 Downtown News:
City Council Approves Grand Avenue Plan. Work on $2 Billion Project Could Begin This Fall.


See the Downtown News photo of
Councilwoman Jan Perry and HCNC Board members
at the installation of new officers on March 13, 2007.



The attached fliers invite you to a Groundbreaking Ceremony for the new Central Los Angeles High School #9 on
Saturday, September 9, 2006, 2:00 p.m.
450 North Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90012
Groundbreaking invite in:
English and Spanish
English and Chinese

This school, which will relieve overcrowding at Belmont High School and offer comprehensive, college preparatory curriculum with an Arts focus, will feature on-site academies in the performing and visual arts. The state of the art facilities, coupled with an outstanding faculty and unparalleled teaching resources, will no doubt make this long-overdue community addition the premiere arts school on the West Coast.


Please join us at the Civic Center Katrina Relief Drive at City Hall. Councilwoman Perry and Parks will be hosting this event. We would appreciate it if you could help spread the word.

Wednesday September 7, 2005
5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

City Hall East, Under the Pedestrian Bridge Main Street between 1st and Temple.
Los Angeles, 90012

Come help us make this a great success! The event will focus on raising funds for the Salvation Army’s efforts to provide ground support to the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf States. Monetary donations in the form of check or cash will be accepted on-site by Salvation Army Representatives. The drive is hosted by ABC 7.

The Salvation Army is currently working with FEMA, providing food and counseling services to storm victims and first responders in the Gulf Coast States. A $100 donation to The Salvation Army will feed a family of four for two days, provide two cases of drinking water and one household clean-up kit, containing brooms, mops, buckets, and cleaning supplies. Additionally, donations will help support their current efforts to create the emergency radio network to connect families with their loved ones.

Elections will now be held every two years
to allow the HCNC to spend more time on the community.
2005 Officers (the Executive Committee) will be installed
at the Board meeting on May 10, 2005.

Please come and get involved!