Historic/Cultural Neighborhood Council

Interim Planning Meeting

Monday, May 6, 2002


Meeting was called to order by 10:10 am by chair Ayako Hagihara. In attendance: George Yu, Evelyn Yoshimura, Betty Wong Oyama, Satoru Uyeda, Takao Suzuki, Kimberly Vamos, Diane Poon, Dominic Ehrler, John Schutz, Jonathan Jerald, Joel Bloom, Lisa Sugino and Ayako Hagihara. Meeting was held in the Conference Room at Casa Heiwa, 231 E. Third St., LA.

  1. Introductions
  2. Recap on April 27th Certification Hearing
  3. BONC certified HCNC, DLANC and Lincoln Heights. HCNC boundaries were certified as originally submitted, without the compromise sections. DONE executives are planning on asking the BONC to reconsider the decision at the next meeting on May 7th, although it is a special meeting and therefore no motions can be introduced. It is most likely that BONC will discuss the issue on May 14th.

    Central City Association and DONE executives have also approached City Council on the matter of reconsideration and on Wednesday, May 8th, Jan Perry will introduce a motion to veto BONC's decision and send it back. HCNC community members need to contact City Council members to tell them that the HCNC boundaries as certified should stand and that BONC was being accountable to the neighborhoods when the boundaries were certified. Certain individuals offered to contact the Chief Legislative Ananlyst, Janice Hahn, Eric Garcetti, Ed Reyes and Nick Pacheco.

    Media coverage of the NC certifications has not been entirely accurate nor favorable to HCNC. HCNC members were encouraged to write to Downtown News to voice their opinion about the coverage. Little Tokyo community members represented in HCNC will address coverage in the Rafu Shimpo, a local Japanese American newspaper. An idea was also brought up to approach the LA Times with this issue.

  4. Organizational Planning
  5. Brown Act requirements–now that HCNC has been certified, it must obey the Brown Act requirements with respect to meeting notices and conduct. Regular meetings require 72 hour notification and must be posted in public areas (designated in HCNC application). Special meetings require 24 hour notification. No two HCNC members are allowed to meet along and make decisions.

    Election process–DONE will conduct a workshop in the first week of June. It was proposed that a Election Committee be selected. The following volunteered or were volunteered to serve on the Election Committee: Diane Poon, Kim Vamos, Dominic Ehrler, Jonathan Jerald, Satoru Uyeda and a representative from El Pueblo. The Election Committee was unanimously approved. The Election Committee is charged with developing an election process including outreach plans to maximize participation, procedures for registering stakeholders so that they can vote as HCNC members, and soliciting nominations.

    The discussion items regarding regular meetings and developing organizational materials were tabled due to lack of time.

    There was a brief discussion on projects that various HCNC communities would like to see happen through HCNC working together. Some ideas were: assisting on the El Pueblo mural project (Joel to research more); developing a tourist shuttle between our communities (currently the DASH DD line runs through all our communities on weekends but hours are limited and route is not efficient for HCNC communities); homeless issues (George Yu invited everyone to attend a meeting on Monday, May 20th at the San Antonio Winery where many electeds and policymakers were invited to hear Chinatown and other community members' concerns on homelessness); bus routes between downtown and HCNC communities (City Shuttle no longer goes to Figueroa Terrace); public safety; graffiti problems; old, hard-to-see street parking signs. Each HCNC community member agreed to go back to their communities to discuss and bring up any other issues and to prioritize so that the HCNC as a whole can begin working on these projects.

    Betty stated that DONE can provide supplies and printing services to certified neighborhood councils. HCNC will discuss what supplies and materials will be needed at a later date.

    Betty also brought up the need to elect an interim secretary to record meeting minutes. George Yu was nominated and seconded. He agreed to serve in the interim capacity only. The appointment/election was approved unanimously. Since this issue came up toward the end of the meeting and George had not been taking notes, Ayako agreed to do the minutes for this meeting.

  6. Next meeting
  7. It was decided that a special meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 22nd at 6 pm. Location is tentatively at Maryknoll Catholic Church in Little Tokyo/Arts District. Joel Bloom will secure the location.

  8. Announcements

May 9–Region 2 office of DONE in Lincoln Heights grand opening 10-12

May 16–Chinatown Farmers Market 4-8 pm on Hill and Alpine

Meeting was adjourned at 11:50 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Ayako Hagihara