Historic/Cultural Neighborhood Council

Interim Planning Meeting

Wednesday, May 22, 2002


Meeting was called to order at 6:20 pm by chair Ayako Hagihara. In attendance: George Yu, Evelyn Yoshimura, Betty Wong Oyama, Satoru Uyeda, Takao Suzuki, Kimberly Vamos, Dominic Ehrler, Ken Urheim, Jonathan Jerald, Joel Bloom, Tom Minkler, David Doerner, Ellen Endo, Jerry Sullivan, Frances Hashimoto and Ayako Hagihara. Meeting was held in the meeting room at Maryknoll Catholic Church, 222 S. Hewitt Street, LA.

  1. Self-introductions
  2. Minutes of the May 22nd meeting was reviewed. Betty noted that a correction in section III. Organizational Planning, paragraph five need be made to reflect that she "brought up the need to select an interim board. The chair requested nominations for a secretary to record meeting minutes." Joel moved to approved the minutes as amended. Evelyn seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
  3. Recap on certification follow-up
  4. Evelyn debriefed the group on the May 14th BONC hearing at Washington Irving Library where a motion to reconsider the boundaries of HCNC and DLANC where the Arts District was concerned was discussed. Approximately 50 people spoke at the meeting. Little Tokyo was not part of the area being discussed. The BONC voted 3-2 to reconsider the motion, however, the motion did not pass because it needed 4 votes.

    Joel debriefed the group on the May 15th City Council meeting where the motion to veto BONC's certifications was discussed. Councilwoman Jan Perry basically withdrew the motion so that the Council need not take a vote. Nevertheless, Councilwoman Janice Hahn and others stated that this kind of matter should not have come to City Council and that they are to be handled by DONE and BONC.

    Some of the recent media coverage was reviewed and it was agreed that HCNC needs to respond in some way. Dominic and Evelyn volunteered to draft some informational text in response to some of the news articles and also to explain further what HCNC is doing and planning.

  5. Organizational Planning

    1. Election Process

    1. No report from Election Committee
    2. DONE Election Workshop on June 5th was announced. Ayako, Jonathan, Sats, Kim and Alicia agreed to attend on behalf of HCNC
    3. Betty clarified that the election must take place within 60 days of certification, or before June 27th for HCNC.
    4. Discussion followed on how we can get started. Betty recommended that HCNC begin outreaching and getting people to register as stakeholders so that we can develop a database and invite people to the election. Betty to forward Ayako some samples, Ayako to draft and George to distribute over email.
    5. Some of the details about the election policies will be discussed at the next meeting. Other logistics will be discussed after the Election Committee report on the June 5th workshop. Ellen Endo volunteered to join the Election Committee

    1. Regular meetings/public meetings–this item was tabled until after the election
    2. Organizational materials/logo–this item was not discussed
    3. Projects/Issues–this item was tabled until after the election
    4. Brown Act and other organizational/admin issues–Betty distributed a handbook on the Brown Act and Roberts' Rule of Order. She reviewed the meeting notice requirements (72 hours and posting at minimum of 5 locations listed in certification application for regular meetings, 24 hours and same posting requirement for special meetings). She stated that an interim board needs to be elected to carry out business of the HCNC from hereon forward.

Volunteers for solicited for the following positions:

Chair–George Yu Vice-Chair–Joel Bloom

Secretary–Ayako Hagihara Treasurer–Dominic Ehrler

Parliamentarian–Alicia Brown

It was agreed that this Board will serve until the permanent Board is elected at the upcoming election. Responsibilities of each position should follow those listed in the by-laws.

Jonathan moved to approve the slate as the HCNC Interim Board. Sats seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Betty also stated that HCNC needs to begin developing a database. Evelyn volunteered to look into how that can be done. Dominic volunteered to research how to establish a website for HCNC. DONE can help by sharing previously collected information. DONE can also do mailings but HCNC needs to collect all the information for the labels. Betty also offered that DONE has meeting spaces available at the Firehouse and that HCNC can use DONE's copier. She also stated that three designated individuals from HCNC can get free parking at City Hall. The three lucky individuals will be decided at a later date.

It was brought up that we need representation from El Pueblo. Alicia, Evelyn and Joel volunteered to contact people they know at El Pueblo.

  1. Next meeting
  2. It was decided that a special meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 28th at 6 pm. Location is Maryknoll Catholic Church in Little Tokyo/Arts District. This meeting will be focused on election policies and procedures.

    Following the DONE election workshop, HCNC decided it needs to meet right away to begin the election planning. Therefore, a meeting is called for Friday, June 7th at 6 pm. Location is Lincoln Heights Firehouse, 3516 N. Broadway Avenue, LA 90033.

  3. Announcements

Asian Pacific Islander Film Festival–films shown through May 23rd in Little Tokyo

Chinatown Farmers Marker–Thursdays, 4–8 pm, Hill and Alpine

Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ayako Hagihara