Historic/Cultural Neighborhood Council

Interim Planning Meeting

Friday, June 7, 2002


Meeting was called to order at 6:20 pm by chair George Yu. In attendance: Satoru Uyeda, Kimberly Vamos, Dominic Ehrler, Joel Bloom, Tom Minkler, Frances Hashimoto, Howard Nishimura, Alicia Brown, Betty Wong-Oyama, John Schutz, Kim Benjamin, Evelyn Wing, Kory Smith and Ayako Hagihara. Meeting was held in a classroom at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument, 125 El Paseo de la Plaza, 2nd Floor.

  1. Call to order and Board of Directors Roll Call
  2. Self-introductions were made instead of having a Roll Call. HCNC recognized the attendance of Kory Smith on behalf of El Pueblo and thanked him for hosting the meeting.

  3. Minutes of the May 28th meeting was reviewed. Joel moved to approve the minutes. Alicia seconded. There was no further discussion. Motion carried unanimously.
  4. Report from Election Committee
  5. Reference: DONE Election Seminar Notes from June 5, 2002

    Recommendation of the Election Committee is to amend by-laws to ease the time crunch to have elections. It was pointed out that the by-laws do not state a specific timeframe within which elections must be held. It simply states that the Election Committee must finish organizing within 90 days of formation, or August 6th.

    It was proposed and the group agreed that HCNC elections should be held around October 6th. Exact date and time will be determined by the Election Committee and submitted for approval by the Interim Board.

    Regarding by-law amendments, John Schutz and Tom Minkler, with assistance of Dominic, volunteered to work on all other parts excepts those relating to election procedures, which the Election Committee will work on. The Chair appointed Tom, John and Dominic to review and revise by-laws. The Chair directed this ad-hoc body to complete the revisions within 30 days and to give the Board at least 4 days to review it prior to voting on any amendments and revisions. Betty will forward the by-laws of the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council to George and Dominic to distribute to all others.

  6. Public Comment

    1. Alicia and George introduced again Kory Smith of El Pueblo. Kory welcomed everyone and also announced that Edward Navarro is the new General Manager of El Pueblo effective July 1, 2002.
    2. Alicia brought up the homeless issue for discussion

    1. George reported that the Chinatown community and others have met with Sheriff Baca, the Governor's office, State Senator's office, Council District 1, Council District 14, Mayor's office, County Supervisor Molina's office and others. Need to follow-up.
    2. Kim recommended that HCNC take up the homeless issue and analyze, meet with electeds, make recommendations, etc.
    3. Joel brought up the issue of the owner of Crazy Gideon's proposing to build a 60,000 s.f. night club/pool hall/assembly hall in the Arts District. This facility is proposed to be built at Willow and Santa Fe near the 6th Street bridge and will serve alcohol from 7 am to 2 am. The public hearing for a conditional use permit will be on Monday, June 10th at City Hall, 10th Floor. Kim moved to appoint Joel to attend the hearing as the designated representative for HCNC and to oppose the project. Jonathan seconded. Further discussion involved lack of parking in the proposal, the correlation between raves and tagging, car break-ins and inebriated people on the streets. Call for the question yielded 12 ayes, 0 nays, 1 abstention.
    4. Evelyn Wang from Forgotten Edge introduced herself. HCNC extended their welcome to her.
    5. Betty announced that she needs a supply list for the upcoming year by June 17th. Ayako volunteered to coordinate that.
    6. Betty also announced that a Congress of Neighborhoods meeting will be held in the Valley on August 3rd. More details and locations to follow.
    7. Betty also asked when HCNC would like to have the Certification Proclamation presented. HCNC decided to have a special reception for that purpose. A subcommittee of Alicia, George and others interested volunteered to plan this event.

    1. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 at Chinatown Service Center Youth Center, 727 N. Broadway Suite 212.

Kim moved to adjourn the meeting. Jonathan seconded. Motion carried unanimously. Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ayako Hagihara