Historic/Cultural Neighborhood Council

Interim Planning Meeting

Wednesday, June 26, 2002


Meeting was called to order at 12:30 pm by chair George Yu. In attendance: Joel Bloom, Tom Minkler, Jonathan Jerald, Kim Benjamin, Diane Poon, George Yu, Philip Young, Dominic Ehrler, John Schutz, Ayako Hagihara, Takao Suzuki, Satoru Uyeda, Kimberly Vamos, Betty Wong Oyama, Tim Keating. Meeting was held in the Boardroom of the Chinatown Service Center, 767 N. Hill St., 400-B. At 2 pm, the meeting location was moved to the classroom across the way in the same building.

  1. Call to order and Board of Directors Roll Call
  2. No Roll Call was made.

  3. Minutes of the June 7th meeting was reviewed.

    1. (ACTION) Joel moved to approve the minutes. Takao seconded. There was no further discussion. Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Report from Election Committee

    1. Date of election

1. Election Committee is proposing October 22nd.

    1. Concerns: Betty will not be able to help due to other NC elections held that week. Another project coordinator from DONE will be assigned to work with HCNC. It was brought up that Betty has worked closely with and was integral to the cerfitication of this council and many HCNC members felt that her involvement in the election is critical.
    2. Election Committee will try to move the election up by one week (week of October 14th). Will check with Betty.

    1. Election Procedures (see handout)

    1. Change to the draft: Write-in candidacy is allowed.
    2. Election day: Begin at 4:30, close nominations at 5 pm?
    3. Location: Looking at Castelar School, Holy Hills Community Church
    4. No proxy voting
    5. Kim Benjamin brought up the issue of what happens if one individual with many followers who do what they're told show up and run for office.
    6. Voting can't start until nominations close.
    7. Homebound voting–OK to take votes before the election, publicize that nominations will be taken from floor and that homebound won't be able to vote on those candidates.
    8. Double-voting (homebound and day-of): How to monitor and prevent? Election Committee will discuss.
    9. Third-party monitoring: City Human Relations Commission will monitor, DONE (Betty) will also be there. Need a few volunteers from HCNC who are not running for office to help.
    10. Youth: Minimum voting age of 16 (also minimum age to run for office)
    11. (ACTION) Change definition of Youth Board Member and lower voting age. Option A: Youth Board Member will be at or between the ages of 16 and 17; Option B: Youth Board Member will be at or between the ages of 15 and 17. There were 8 votes for Option A, 5 votes for Option B. Option A is approved as the definition of Youth Board Member.

    12. Printing of materials: DONE office needs six weeks to print.
    13. Nominations information to be mailed to DONE office: Should the mail be forwarded unopened to HCNC or DONE opens it, keeps the original and forwards a copy to HCNC's Election Committee? HCNC members expressed preference to go with the latter.
    14. Can Election Committee members run for the Board?
    15. (ACTION) Kim Benjamin moved that Election Committee members can run for the Board so long as they are not helping DONE and City Human Relations Commissions run the election and count the ballots. Joel seconded. There were 11 ayes, 1 nay by John Schutz who wished to go on the record as such and 2 abstentions. Motion passes.

    16. By-law revisions must be submitted to DONE. It will take 3-4 weeks to approve.
    17. Ballots to be discussed by the Election Committee next time.

  1. Report from By-Laws Committee

    1. Dominic distribtued copies of the "(INCOMPLETE) BY-LAWS OF THE PROPOSED HISTORIC & [sic] CULTURAL NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL." He also distributed a comparison chart of the current and proposed by-laws.
    2. Dominic and John explained the reasoning behind the need for these by-laws revisions. The draft by-laws were written so as not to lock ourselves into a situation where HCNC would have to constantly amend the by-laws in order to take action.
    3. There was some discussion about the severity of the changes from the current by-laws and questions whether DONE and the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners would be amenable to such drastic changes.
    4. The By-Laws Committee explained that they did what they were asked to do and spend hundreds of hours drafting the new by-laws and creating the comparison chart. The By-Laws Committee also stated that much of the draft by-laws were modeled after the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council's by-laws. The Committee further explained that the current by-laws are foolish, illogical and illegal and that there is a definite need for the revisions.
    5. It was pointed out that at past HCNC meetings, there was discussion about the need to add in the Election Procedure and to revise Articles IV and VI of the current by-laws in order to conduct orderly elections.

(ACTION) Kim Benjamin moved to replace "Article IV. Stakeholders" in the current by-laws with revised by-laws Section 104 amended as follows:

The Historic Cultural Neighborhood Council shall be diverse, inclusive and open to all community stakeholders. A community stakeholder is defined as any individual who works, owns property or a business within the Council's boundaries. In addition, community stakeholder status may be identified by participation in non-profit groups, schools, associations and organizations located within the boundaries of the council.

Motion was seconded by Jonathan. There were 11 ayes, no nays and no abstensions. Motion carried unanimously.

F. Decisions on implementing other parts of the revised by-laws were put on hold.

  1. Public Comment

    1. From Kim Vamos: each District within the HCNC is encouraged to hold candidate forums. Kim will send to Betty the final election procedure and schedule, per her request. Jonathan will draft a flyer.
    2. The next meeting will be on Thursday, July 18, 2002 at Chinatown Service Center Boardroom, 767 N. Hill Street, Room 400-B at 5 pm

Meeting was adjourned by the President at 3:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ayako Hagihara