Minutes for 08/21/2002 — 6:00pm

HCNC Special Meeting at

Gourmet Coffee House

811 Traction Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

Call to Order and BOD Roll Call

  • Meeting was called to order at 6:18pm.
  • Those present included George Yu, Joel Bloom, Dominic Ehrler, Marcelo Bermúdez, Tom Minkler, Evelyn Yoshimura, Betty Wong Oyama, Takao Suzuki, Victor Navarro and four others

Presentation/Review/Approval of August 8, 2002 Minutes

  • The minutes were postponed for approval until the next meeting.

Update Reports / News from DONE —

  • Betty Wong Oyama — The English version of the HCNC flyers were distributed on Tuesday to the neighborhood except for the Artists’ District.
  • The translations are still being completed.
  • The Mandarin/Cantonese version will be inserted in the Chinese Daily News
  • Downtown News — George to contact Don Eastin and see if an insert can be done free of charge.
  • BWO believes stakeholders need to be better informed about the meetings.
  • BWO noted there will be a Mini-Congress on 10/05/2002 (Budget Day — LA Convention Center 8am-12pm — 40 city departments will be there as well as the mayor).
  • The Neighborhood Funding Program has approved $50,000 per Neighborhood Council. It is now being sent onto Budget/Finance Committee then the Personnel Committee then the NC will actually be funded. The funds can be received provided we have an elected Board in place. No lobbying is required. A proposed budget will be requested from each NC. Greg Nelson is working to see that the funds go to operating expenses and not just community projects. Funding should be available within 45 days as of 08/21/2002.
  • Lincoln Heights NC had a recognition dinner and was well-catered — a good idea to solicit more members to participate in this NC — 240 attended the LHNC dinner. Everything was donated including food, entertainment, etc. Alan Gee and DONE was present to pass out certificates. George Yu indicated this is a good example to follow up on for future meetings and increase participation.
  • Alicia Brown indicated she is also part of the docents for El Pueblo and would be a good idea to contact Mr. Navarro as well to increase participation.
  • George indicated it would be a good idea to move forward with a dinner to increase participation before the election. Alicia Brown agreed to take the lead on this matter. Planning, invitations, etc. need to be addressed as Alicia Brown will be out of town this coming week.
  • It was also discussed that a priority should be placed on how our NC receives funding such as film permit monies.


Report from Election Committee

  • Website will be up 08/22/02 - http://www.brnr.com/inprogress/hcnc
  • Election update by email from Kimberly read by Tom Minkler — There is a need to authorize a $200 set-up fee and $35 maintenance fee for the website.
  • George Yu believed DONE should be able to cover or administrate the website. Greg Nelson (via email) noted the city sites are firewalled. Other suggestions included Neighborhoodlink which is a template-based free website service, but doesn’t serve the multi-lingual needs of our council. Marcelo suggested since time was of the essence that the use of a free service such as www.geocities.com would be a short-term answer. It was agreed to find and use a free service such as www.geocities.com until regular and approved funding is available or until we can link to the DONE site. George asked all attendees to check the in progress site for commentary and/or corrections.
  • Flyer 1 translations are being completed.
  • Spanish flyers will be walked around.
  • 60-day publication date requirement was not met. DONE has assured we are still OK. There are no flyers in the Arts District. BWO has flyers at her office. The Spanish flyers being edited — Chinese flyer count is 5000. Little Tokyo is to communicate the copy count for the Japanese version. Joel Bloom agreed to assist but not by himself and he also needs access to it. BWO indicated there are 3,000 in a box and a total of 17,000 printed.
  • Flyer2 needs to be submitted — BWO reminded us that it takes 2 weeks to get approval.
  • Outreach — A schedule needs to be set for outreach directors to meet and give an update — It was agreed that should be done every 2 weeks at HCNC meetings.
  • Flyer 2 distribution to begin second week of September (pending approval from DONE).

Report from ad-hoc bylaw committee

  • Line about "Nominees community representatives…" — is confusing but will not hold-up approval from DONE — BWO says we have to amend — George Yu says to email with attachment to everyone.
  • Victor Heights-Forgotten Edge Name Change Issue — The matter was submitted with hyphenation. Either we have to agree to accept that for now or get further directions from DONE. The City Attorney expressed to DONE that it cannot advise the NC and noted we cannot do major amendments to bylaws and this is considered a major amendment. After the election and a Board is in place, we can easily amend the bylaws.
  • Motion by George Yu to allow the use of Victor Heights/Forgotten Edge for this interim period until the Board is duly installed and we can discuss this matter further. Evelyn seconded the motion. Dominic abstained.
  • Public Comments
    • Joel Bloom — Major planning and land-use issues — On 08/28/2002 at 6:30pm at the Gourmet Coffee House, 811 Traction Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, Dyanmic Builders and Trawmell Crow will have a presentation meeting with developers who want to develop 8-acres around the SCI-Arc building which includes adding 1000 residential units effectively doubling the size of the neighborhood. No one has contacted the NC about this.
    • George Yu indicated there are a lot of organizations so it is our responsibility to stay informed.
    • BWO said HCNC can’t take a stand on a particular position but we can stand as individuals who are members of the HCNC
    • BWO also said DONE is looking to give more notice on matters like this.
    • Alicia Brown suggested we could expressed our written concerns as an interim board and send it to Council Ed Reyes, Jan Perry and Nick Pacheco’s to contact us beforehand.
    • George Yu agreed to draft a letter to inform others we exist and should be notified
    • Street closures —
      • St. Peter’s Italian Church is planning a 2-day festival — for a total of 60 hours (09/27-30/2002). From a Chinatown perspective most merchants are not in favor of it as the soft closure from Pasadena Avenue to College causes lost business.
      • On 10/06/02 — The 10/10 event will occur (similar to July 4th) — It will be a 6 hour closure
      • It was agreed creating a Street Closure criteria should be created and partner with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to implement it.
      • Mexican Independence Day — 09/09-12/2002 — Covering Alameda and Los Angeles Streets
    • 08/27/2002 Radio Hill Clean-Up — will be sponsored by the LAPD, CHP and Caltrans

Next Meeting and Date — 09/05/02 at 8am — Eastside Market Italian Deli — 1013 Alpine Street 1013 Alpine St., Los Angeles — Near Beaudry - (213) 250-2464

Adjournment — With no further business to be discussed George Yu motioned to adjourn, Marcelo Bermúdez seconded that motion. The meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm