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Chinatown L.A.
Chinese American Citizens Alliance
Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association
Chinese Historical Society of Southern California

Los Angeles State Historic Park (SHP):
Community Workshop 3 – Nov 20, 2008
California State Parks listing
Center for Law in the Public Interest policy briefing
at The City Project website

L.A. River Project (The Los Angeles Ad Hoc River Committee)


Mrs. Kam Lee at her 100th birthday party Chinatown and the HCNC honor Mrs. Kam Lee, shown here at her 100th birthday party. Mrs. Lee, a treasured member of the HCNC Board of Directors for several years, passed away on April 3rd, 2009. She was 105 years old (the oldest member of any Neighborhood Council in Los Angeles), and had over 100 direct descendents. She is sadly missed.